About the Film

The documentary “El Perro sin Pelo del Perú” (The Peruvian Hairless Dog) seeks to raise awareness of the importance of this ancient canine breed, currently of great international value, not only because of its beauty but also its many qualities: among which its lack of hair and its serene and pleasant character are paramount.

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The Second Film

In 2000, Allemant began to consider the precariousness of this breed’s situation in its own country as no less than a threat to the patrimony of Peru. It was then he embarked on this initiative.


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About Us

Pedro-Santiago Allemant and François Darleguy are founders of the Associtation pour la protection du patrimoine Péruvien (APPP) and Asociación de defensa del patrimonio Peruano (ADPP), they both aim to preserve cultural heritage, promote native values, protect the environment and biodiversity of Peru, raise awareness about this ancient Peruvian canine breed that is the Peruvian Hairless Dog, among other things. Thus, in addition to their cinematographic work on the subject, both dedicate their time in disseminating culture through online videos, awareness campaigns, and offering talks and conferences in different cities around the world.

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Did you know?

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