“El Perro sin pelo del Perú” on the “Mother Earth” tour– Museo Nacional Sicán, Ferreñafe – Lambayeque

“El Perro sin Pelo del Perú” (The Peruvian hairless Dog)

a film of Pedro Santiago Allemant and François Darleguy

will be presented on Tuesday 10/09/2018 – 06:30 PM

Place:  Auditorium Museo Nacional Sicán –

Av. Batan Grande s / n cdra 9, Carretera Pitipo, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque

(V.O. with sub-titles in Quechua)

The screening will be followed by a round table.


– Pedro Allemant – Director of the film,

– Dr. Carlos Elera Arévalo – Director of the Museo Nacional Sicán

As part of the program, a cultural animation will be performed by the actors:

Arturo Leonidas Guevara Ramírez and Marleni Batalla Paredes Aguinaga  representing the Lord of Sicán and his wife.

Special presence of “Sicán” the beloved pet of the museum and of Viringo dogs (Peruvian hairless Dogs) of the region.

This presentation is organized by the Association “Mosaico Cultural” directed by Mrs. Consuelo Salas Valladolid.

Meet “Sicán”, a Peruvian hairless Dog representative – the beloved Dog of the museum, of the people of the region and of the visitors!

After the presentation, a temporary exhibition of pre-Columbian ceramics representing the Peruvian hairless Dog will be opened. The exhibition is directed by Dr. Carlos Elera Arévalo – Director of the Museo Nacional Sicán.


Museo Nacional Sicán: El 09 de Octubre del 2018 se inaugura muestra museográfica temporal sobre el Perro sin pelo del Perú

!Very soon: more information about “El Perro sin pelo del Perú” in the “Mother Earth” tour! …

«El Perro Sin Pelo Del Perú» en el tour «Madre Tierra» – Museo Nacional de Sicán, Ferreñafe – Lambayeque

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