About Us

Pedro-Santiago Allemant Photo by Alessandro Pucci

Pedro-Santiago Allemant, born in Peru in 1960, left his hometown in the 80s and moved to New York; then, Paris, in 2000.  In 2006, he acquired two Peruvian Hairless Dogs. Back in Europe, he very quickly realized that this breed was virtually unknown to the world. Allemant, who works as a corporate relationship manager for the banking sector, has devoted his free time to presenting his dogs in canine shows and competitions, both in Europe and internationally, as a means to promote this ancient Peruvian breed.

Furthermore, Allemant has been officially recognised by the faculty of Archaeology of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (the most important center for higher education in the region which gave origin to the Peruvian Hairless Dog) because of his endeavours as investigator of native fauna and his great contribution to the awareness of this canine breed that is part of Peru’s national patrimony.


François Darleguy

François Darleguy, born in France in 1963, began studies in film and developed his career as chief sound operator. He has worked on many social documentaries and French TV broadcasts since 1985. After collaborating with talented directors, he decided to embark in directing. He is involved in social pieces on hospitals and colleges, reports in the Himalayas, the Congolese jungle, the favelas in Venezuela, and several cultural documentaries.  When Allemant offered him the direction of this film, he found the idea exciting and worth investing his time and effort.


Allemant & Darleguy

Allemant and Darleguy are founders of two associations: the Associtation pour la protection du patrimoine Péruvien (APPP) and the  Asociación de defensa del patrimonio Peruano (ADPP*) – they both aim to preserve cultural heritage, promote native values, protect the environment and biodiversity of Peru, raise awareness about this ancient Peruvian canine breed that is the Peruvian Hairless Dog, among other things.

Thanks to their effort, they have obtained recognition from the Rector of the Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University of Lambayeque (UNPRG), as well as from the Office of Cultural Promotion and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of such university.

Thus, in addition to their cinematographic work on the subject, both dedicate their time in disseminating culture through online videos, awareness campaigns, and offering talks and conferences in different cities around the world.

(*) ADPP is recognized as a Cultural Association by the Ministry of Culture of Peru (Sub Directorial Resolution No.005-2018-SDD-PC-IC-I-SSC-LAM/MC.