About the Film

About the film:

The documentary “El Perro sin Pelo del Perú” (The Peruvian Hairless Dog) seeks to raise awareness of the importance of this ancient canine breed, currently of great international value, not only because of its beauty but also its many qualities: among which its lack of hair and its serene and pleasant character are paramount.


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Synopsis of the Film:

In 2000, Pedro-Santiago Allemant began to consider the precariousness of this breed’s situation in its own country as no less than a threat to the patrimony of Peru. It was then he embarked on this initiative.

For the following 14 years, he consulted with renowned experts such as Ermanno Maniero, canine expert who declared the Hairless Dog as an official breed, Alberto Quintanilla, well-known Peruvian painter and sculptor who has dedicated his life’s work to this breed, Lizardo Tavera, archaeologist and researcher specializing on the Hairless Dog…

At the end of this labor of love, its co-directors, Pedro-Santiago Allemant and François Darleguy, give us a rich and comprehensive film that allows us to understand this native Peruvian breed, its ancient history and the mythology that surrounds its involvement in the creation and rise of the ancient peoples of Peru.

Allemant and Darleguy have achieved both an essential document for canine experts and enthusiasts alike, and a moving story between two Hairless Dogs, champions of their breed, and the man who will see them occupy the place they deserve.


The film Directors:

Pedro-Santiago Allemant Photo by Alessandro Pucci

Pedro-Santiago Allemant was born in Peru in 1960. During the 80s he lived in New York and since the year 2000 he lives in Paris. During a trip to Peru in 2006 he bought two Peruvian Hairless Dogs. Back in Europe, he very quickly realises that this breed was, up to then, practically unknown in the world. A bank executive by day, he dedicated all his free time to presenting his dogs at dog shows and contests in Europe and the world, thereby raising awareness about this Peruvian millennial breed.

Furthermore, Allemant has been officially recognised by the faculty of Archaeology of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (the most important center for higher education in the region which gave origin to the Peruvian Hairless Dog) because of his endeavours as investigator of native fauna and his great contribution to the awareness of this canine breed that is part of Peru’s national patrimony.


François Darleguy

François Darleguy was born in France in 1963. He began his studies in Film and developed his career as chief sound operator. He works on social documentaries and French TV productions sin 1985. After collaborating with talented directors, he himself decided to embark in directing. He’s involved in social projects in hospitals and schools, features in the Himalayas, the Congo jungle, the Venezuelan favelas, and several other cultural documentaries. When Allemant offered him to codirect the first film about the Peruvian Hairless Dog he found the idea fascinating and was invested in it 100%.


Allemant & Darleguy

Allemant and Darleguy are founders of two associations: the Associtation pour la protection du patrimoine Péruvien (APPP) and the Asociación de defensa del patrimonio Peruano (ADPP*), both aiming to preserve cultural heritage, promote native values, protect the environment and biodiversity of Peru, raise awareness about this ancient Peruvian canine breed that is the Peruvian Hairless Dog, among other things.

Thanks to their effort, they have obtained recognition from the Rector of the Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University of Lambayeque (UNPRG), as well as from the Office of Cultural Promotion and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of such university.

Thus, in addition to their cinematographic work on the subject, both dedicate their time in disseminating culture through online videos, awareness campaigns, and offering talks and conferences in different cities around the world.

(*) ADPP is recognized as a Cultural Association by the Ministry of Culture of Peru (Sub Directorial Resolution No.005-2018-SDD-PC-IC-I-SSC-LAM/MC.


Film Credits:

Title: El Perro sin pelo del Perú (The Peruvian Hairless Dog)

Format: HD (16:9), Stereo

Duration: 55 min.

Countries: France, Peru and Belgium

Language: French and Spanish

Year: 2015

Original idea and Direction: Pedro-Santiago Allemant and François Darleguy

Production: Pedro-Santiago Allemant

Narration: Tatiana Lucena, François Darleguy, and Alessandro Pucci

Camera and Lighting: Carlos Andaluz, Gerardo Herrera and Rubén Romero

Editing and Sound: François Darleguy

Graphic Designer: Alessandro Pucci

Music:, Chano Diaz Limaco, César Pimentel, Perú Andino, Miki González and René Aubry.

Quechua language: Gloria Cáceres Vargas

Sub-titles : Spanish, English, French, Quechua, Czech, Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian.

Interviewed Experts:

Pedro-Santiago Allemant: Dog breeder and owner of Peruvian Hairless Dog.

Alberto Quintanilla: Well-known Peruvian artist and sculptor who has dedicated his life’s work to revaluing the Peruvian Hairless Dog.

Ermanno Maniero: Canine expert responsible for the official standard of the Peruvian Hairless Dog presented to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Lizardo Tavera: Archaeologist and researcher specializing in the Peruvian Hairless Dog.

Isabel Cornejo: Archaeologist for the Pachacamac Site Museum.

Estelle Anthoni-Koch: French breeder of Peruvian Hairless Dog.

Claudia Gálvez: President of the “Amigos del Perro sin Pelo del Perú” Association.

Clelia Lercari: Breeder of Peruvian Hairless Dog.

Jean-Paul Kerihuel: Canine judge and vice-president of the Société Centrale Canine de France.

Santiago José Allemant: Dog breeder and owner of Peruvian Hairless Dog.

Paz Brothers : Creators of “Chimoc”.

Viviana Talavera: Veterinarian for Vital Pets.

Participating Peruvian Hairless Dogs:

Inti (Paucar)

Llasha (Killa)









Colca (coated variety)






Inti (copper)








Eva (coated variety)